Nissan Frontier 2015

Nissan Frontier 2015 review

Nissan launch the great car Nissan Frontier 2015 with modern system, the latest technology in automotive industry. Nissan develop this model to attract people and potential younger customer. New style of 2015 Frontier is equipped with RWD chassis and bolder style that similar platform with Infiniti QX 56 and Nissan Xterra.

nissan frontier 2015

Frontier 2015 Exterior

Nissan Frontier 2015 is equipped with advance navigation system and new generation. It is perfect car for off road driving with 4WD, electronic lock rear and pro 4x system assistance. Nissan frontier come with ABLS, EBD, DVC and ABS system, hill assistance, hill descent control, off road performance shock that make this car ir perfectionist car for off road. Nissan Frontier 2015 comes with diesel style based on desert runner types. This car is available in red, black and silver edition. The engine is clear and transparent. The caliper in front of wheel is red and the rear wheel is silver. This car is equipped with 16 inches alloy wheel, leather trim, leather steering wheel, modern and luxury interior.

nissan frontier 2015

Nissan Frontier 2015 Engines

2015 Frontier is developed from the last type of Frontier diesel engine. The car is developed based on USA buyer interest for diesel engine car. Nissan is also launch Nissan navara type diesel engine that has sold out in USA market. Nissan frontier 2015 come with 5.0 lt V-8 engine with cumin turbo diesel engine and was introduced on Feb 2014 in Chicago city. 2015 Nissan Frontier is powered by 2.8 l cumin diesel engine, 200 horsepower and 475 pound feet torque. This car has 8 speed automatic transmission and the cost fuel effective, 35% lower fuel consumption. Nissan frontier 2015 is powered by 2.5 L 4 cylinder engine, 152 horsepower, 4.0 l 24 valve, V-6 engine, 261 horsepower and 6 speeds transmission.

Nissan Frontier 2015 Interior

2015 Frontier has high technology features such as; voice command electronic, 12.3 inches display panel, GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, audio connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, 13 speaker sound system, USB, ipod audio, HD radio, satellite radio, digital music storage, 6 CD changer, tune internet radio. The cabin is luxury, bigger, fancy, and aesthetic and elegance models. Nissan frontier 2015 is comfort and exclusive sedan with standard seats, 6 message setting and additional adjustment features.

Nissan Frontier 2015

2015 Frontier – Safety

Nissan Frontier 2015 is great car with advance technology such as; antilock brake, auto brake drying, hill starting assistance, traffic light hold, traction control, stability, radar collision system, front-rear seats side air bag, side air bags and knee air bags, SOS features, stolen car location, alarm and remote lock-unlock door. When people drive this car, the steering is lightly with line assist that help you to drive.

2015 Frontier

2015 Nissan Frontier Price and Release Date

2015 Frontier is available for sale in the range prices of $ 18,000 – $ 23,000. Release date is still unknown because no one from Nissan won’t to reveal any information

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