Honda HRV 2015 price

One of the most often topics, regarding 2015 Honda models, is the topics regarding Honda HRV 2015 price. Business representatives from Honda are selling new crossover SUV known under the name of Honda Vezel. Due to expansion and rising interest for models in B section, Honda representatives is going to expand this model to other world-wide markets. Top priorities is going to be U.S. and European market where this model is going to be saled under name of 2015 Honda HRV. Within 2014, in the US, 2015 Honda HRV will start selling models somewhere in 3rd quarter. Related to this, people from Europe can expect model early in 2015.

2015 Honda HRV

2015 Honda HRV – Front

2015 Honda HRV Design

Honda established HRV name for their lead crossover/SUV model starting from 1999 till 2006. Honda HRV 2015 is going to be revealed with great characteristics which is result of mixture between coupe, SUV and MPV. Honda HRV 2015, the same as the Honda Vezel, is build up on the Urban SUV ideas.

There are many questions regarding where 2015 Honda HRV for US market will be produced. Answer is the simple – in the same factory plant in Mexico where Honda Fit design is produced.

Honda HRV 2015

Honda HRV 2015 – Interior

Honda HRV 2015 engine

Engine of the Honda HRV 2015 is going to be taken from Honda Vezel. There will be few more options, like a diesel and hybrid-engine with all-wheel drive for United States market. Transmission is still not defined, especially for model which will be shown in the US market.

2015 Honda HRV Front

2015 honda hrv

Honda HRV 2015 release date and price

Regarding Honda’s relatives, Chicago was host for first presentation of Honda Fit 2015. Throughout 2015 New 2015 Honda Vezel will be unveiled. Shortly after that, United States will have premier also.

Regarding 2015 HR-V, we can expect at the beginning of the 2015. Expected price range, in accordance to rumors, is going to start at the same level as Vezel – $21.000.

New updates is going to be released very soon. Stay with us for more Honda HRV 2015 updates!

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  2. […] In these markets Vezel will be provided as the Honda HRV 2015. On the U.S. market, the brand-new Honda HRV 2015, will begin offering in the 3rd quarter of 2014. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || […]

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