Honda City 2015

As the technology changes, the Honda City 2015 comes in style to beat all its odds and competitors. The design is spectacular for urban ride improved from the previous model; Honda Fit. True Honda fans will be glad to observe the amazing changes incorporating Honda City model as in height wise, it shall be shorter and longer than the original matrix.More so, being essentially an improvement from Honda Fit the sedan version, more of its exterior, interior, prices as well as release date might vary on its completion. The performance is expected to beat the upcoming competitors of Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento among others.

honda city 2015

Honda City 2015 – Front

Honda City 2015 Interior

City 2015 design is much aggressive making it unbeaten and ready to fetch a high rating in the market. The interior is much glamorous and more spacious to driver and passengers. Fantastically, the dashboard gets the favor to hold the five-inch LCD touchscreen that dominates it center part.Definitely, this offer a fabulous drive as it is designed to offer travel guides, car and engine monitor. Of course, with the upcoming dot com clues, an added 8 speaker version to meet their blast rhythm is well manifested in the cabin. Additionally, a high tech climatic control feature is well established with just mere buttons, engine starting to run in a keyless mode of a push on button as well. Any tour the Honda City 2015 takes, a better cruise management is maintained all through.

Honda City 2015

Honda City 2015 – Interior

Honda City 2015 Exterior

On the other hand, the Honda City 2015 exterior is more thrilling as sporty look are in touch. An enthusiasm is created by the longer wheelbase which provides a successful H design outlook. The rear is much complex as adequate air intake, wider headlights as well as new grille has been embraced.Installation of the new back rear bumper gives it an outstanding figure that not so many vehicles will match it soon. The manufacturer number plates, license has appealing provision sites that are apparent unique and easier to view. Through the different color Honda City 2015 comprises, it gives the ability to win each client desire and choice hence not a one-rated color panel car.

city 2015

City 2015 – Rear

Honda City 2015 Engine

The engine meets the entire client need as it’s a diesel engine incorporating a five paired speed manual gear box. More so, an automatic gearbox is also an optional offered. With it, the engine gives a powertrain that can result to around 100 hp to a torque of 150 lb.-ft.This booms its speed in very high speed in acceleration.

City 2015 Release date and Price

Its release dates will be early next year as they are 2015 model. But price is expected to rise due to this additional feature that have been combined.

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