Ferrari California 2015 Review

The Ferrari California 2015 is a beautiful loud and fast vehicle which is bound to be the next big thing for this luxury car manufacturer. The 2015 Ferrari California t is a large coupe and shows the creep towards turbocharged engines and has the power to replace quite a number of models. The current California was released in 2008 and met a number of needs including a larger car as opposed to the low smaller sporty vehicles by Ferrari. The vehicle became a best seller for a single model by Ferrari and the current car will be replaced by the 2015 model.

ferrari california 2015

Ferrari California 2015 – Front

Ferrari California 2015 Interior

The Ferrari California 2015 interior is still a stunning sport and comfortable look provided by Ferrari only that this time, the coupe gets a new steering box. The dashboard borrows a lot from the previous model but with a little bit of tweaking that makes everything fuse well together. The start button and other functions on the steering wheel give the vehicle more efficiency. The seats are comfortable and spacious enough for 4 passengers.

ferrari california 2015

Ferrari California 2015 – Interior

Ferrari California 2015 Exterior

Ferrari has always done a great job in aerodynamics. What is striking with the convertible Ferrari California 2015 is that it is larger in body size when compared with other models. The 2015 Ferrari California t has smooth edges and features a different grille that gives it an extremely different look to what we are used to in Ferrari. The aerodynamics is still smooth because the car is geared towards high speeds.

2015 ferrari california

2015 Ferrari California – Rear

2015 Ferrari California T Engine

With any vehicle from Ferrari, you can expect high engine performance to produce the needed horse power to drive the vehicle to high speeds. Well, the Ferrari California 2015 is not any different. The engine to be fitted in the front of Ferrari California 2015 is a V8 and will still have the flat-plane crank which is the reason behind the screaming fours. The engine will lose 400 cc from the previous model to stand at 3.9 liters. The engine however gets a pair of twin blowers and thus the power will leap from the previous 483 hp to an interesting 552 hp with a torque of 557 lb-ft. The naturally aspirated feel feeds the rev hunger and the intermediate gears gives a torque kick of a turbocharged engine for a greater better performance on the freeway.

ferrari california 2015

Ferrari California 2015 – Engine

Ferrari California 2015 Release Date And Price

The vehicle is expected to be on sale in the US in late 2014 and early 2015 for most other countries. For people interested in the Ferrari California 2015, the price they should expect to pay is anything between, $198,000 and $205,000.

2015 ferrari california t

2015 Ferrari California T

Stay with us for more Ferrari California 2015 updates as well as more automotive news.

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