BMW X6 2015 Review

The BMW X6 2015 is a German made vehicle made by the automobile company Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. This is a company which manufuctures automobiles, motorcycles and general engines. The new 2015 BMW X6 has outstanding performance and now leading in luxurious driving with its sporty appearance being an attraction to automobile lovers. It is the most robust and versatile BMW model which combines sporty features and luxurious ambience.

bmw x6 2015

BMW X6 2015

The BMW X6 2015 is to be launched into the market soon. It maintains the sleek model of BMWs. The hood resembles that of the X5 model. It is somehow short tailed compared to the X5 and X4 models. Its luggage compartment is smaller than before but with increased versatility. It has been reduced by 35 to 40 pounds from its previous models.

BMW X6 2015 Interior

Its BMW X6 2015 interior boasts a elegance and a developed functionality. The seating materials are high quality and highly positioned. The dashboard section is designed with high quality soft cloth with standard stitching. There is good colour unity between the dashboard and the door panel. Different LED colours can be selected ranging from orange, blue and white. The leathered steering wheel has multi-function buttons, sporty gear shift lever and shift paddles. This 2015 BMW X6 has a built-in ConnectedDrive office functions, supported by a smartphone. Emails, notes and calendar entries can be shown on the control display. It possesses a dictating function which can convert spoken words into text.

bmw x6 2015

BMW X6 2015 – Interior

2015 BMW X6 Exterior

The exterior of this 2015 BMW X6 has flowing lines which denote its handling and sporty nature. It also suits driving in off-beaten tracks. The bumper is designed with X-shaped lines. Its round headlights are arranged outwards while its foglamps are the most unique. In a desire to reduce turbulence during high speed drive, air deflectors, air curtains and air breathers have been integrated on its body. The air breathers are in the side panels and air deflectors are found in the front wheel arches. The body paint ranges from Red brilliant, Aluminium brilliant and Sparkling storm brilliant effects.

2015 bmw x6

BMW X6 2015

BMW X6 2015 Engine

BMW X6 2015 engines are Turbocharged 3.0 litre designed for increased output and reduced fuel consumption. The turbocharged engine can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in approximately 4.8 seconds due to the addition Valvetronic valve unlike the other previous models. It complies with the EU6 exhaust emission standards with its emissions at about 225 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

bmw x6 2015

BMW X6 2015

BMW X6 2015 Price and Release Date

The 2015 BMW X6 is getting into the markets late 2014. Exact pricing is not yet available but an approximate price is something over 75,000 dollars.

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