2016 Mercedes E Class First Announcement

As 2016 approaches fast, the leaks about the new 2016 Mercedes E Class that expected to be launched in 2016 continues to fill on the various websites. The new Mercedes E Class 2016 is expected to take the auto mobile industry with a bang especially considering all the upgrade, changes and the new features that will be on it. It will have an increased cabin space; high performce with relatively low fuel consumption engine.

2016 mercedes e class

2016 Mercedes E Class

2016 Mercedes E Class Interior

The new car will have some improvements from the V6 for in-line and also copy the BMW on the pairing cylinder that holds a capacity of 500cc. The new Mercedes  E Class 2015 model will entail more inventiveness in crafting its interior. The 2016 Mercedes E Class have exotic choices and colour paints that will perfectly synchronize with the fabrics and the design. Quality will be more emphasized. It will have a larger interior space with seven seats. This new model will as well be installed with two monitors due to its complexity; such will help the driver to use the touch pad without having to look down.

2016 mercedes e class

2016 Mercedes E Class – Interior

Mercedes E Class 2016 Exterior

The Mercedes E Class 2016 is greatly meant to ensure it wins back the Benz reputation. Its body style will spawn a CLS four-door couple and two-door coupe plus a soft-top version. This will not only improve the whole look of the auto but also strengthen the manufacturers bargaining power. This new E Class 2016 will be longer that the R class (say 150mm) with almost the same color options as the s class and the c class. It is also expected to have spectacular control and ride refinement; with additions of spy camera and hydraulic adjustments to make it ride smoothly even on a bump. In addition, you will be able to adjust the tints of the window to suit your privacy desires and also fitted with electric heating system to keep it warm or cool. 2016 Mercedes E Class, in accordance to this informations, will meet even toughest customer expectations.

2016 Mercedes E Class Exterior

And unlike other engines of the previous Mercedes models, the 2016 Mercedes E Class will be stronger and powerful. It will be new revolutionized engine, consuming less than the previous models while still performing the same powerful task. The car will be a cost effective deal as it will cut fuel cost by 35% from the Petrol and diesel fours and sixes that are able to share 60% of all parts. The petrol six will be from 200bhp to 400bhp. It will have six-speed manual boxes, turbocharged fours and power base cars, with nine-speed auto option for more strength.

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2016 mercedes e class

2016 Mercedes E Class – Rear

E Class 2016 Release date and Price

The long awaited Mercedes E Class 2016 model will officially be released in 2016. The exact dates for the release are yet to be communicated as it is still more than a year for it to be launched. The manufacturers and the marketing agents have to agree on the best and the suitable date for the release while at the same time keep an eye on their key competitor.

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