2015 Mercedes C Class

Mercedes-Benz is going to offer brand-new 2015 Mercedes C Class from its Stuttgart based car factory. The previous model C-Class was the Mercedes best selling model, with 2.7 million model sold during 2007. Now, 7 years after that success, brand-new 2015 C Class is knocking on our doors!

Mercedes-Benz formally revealed the brand-new 2015 C Class is going to be presented during International Automobile Show in Detroit in January.

2015 Mercedes c class

2015 Mercedes C Class – Front

2015 Mercedes C Class engine

The 2015 Mercedes C Class is available with set of reliable and great engines. The brand-new Euro 6 certified those set of engines with start/stop system, enriching it up to 20 percent with its effectiveness in comparison to previous version.

2015 C Class will approach the market with 8 different engine selections. Among them there are one hybrid diesel, 4 fuel and 3 diesel engines. Within C180 model the 2015 C Class will implement a 4 cilinder 1.6L  fuel engine which can produce up to 154 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque.

2015 c class

2015 C Class – Front left

The diesel line-up implemented within a C200 Bluetec with a 4 cylinder 1.6L which will produce 136 horsepower/ 300Nm. Next C220 Bluetec will implement 4 cylinder 2.0L with 170 horsepower / 400Nm. The C250 Bluetec with 4 cylinder and 2.0L with up to 204horsepower / 500Nm. The C300 Bluetec Hybrid will present the same 4 cylinder 2.0L engine as the C250. The whole engine line has a strong focus on fuel economy and effectiveness with even up to 333horsepower strong C400 who is going to reach fuel consuption of 8 liter per 100 km.

2015 C Class Gearbox

2 brand-new 6 speed handbook transmissions which enable for simpler, more uncomplicated equipment modifications are provided with the 4 cylinder engines. In addition, Mercedes’ 7-speed G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission is provided.

Following the existing trend under the same class, Mercedes have created totally new suspension system on the 2015 Mercedes C Class. Mercedes had established an optional air suspension system for this model, which is still not in use for any car under this section.

2015 mercedes c class

2015 Mercedes C Class – Rear

It needs to be stated that Mercedes provides something entirely brand-new in this section with the air suspension. The trip is smooth, although individuals with a sportier driving design may select the sports suspension for enhanced dealing with around corners and directer steering.

2015 Mercedes C Class Interior

Within interior Mercedes has took redesign challenge as serious as it takes for exterior. The main turning wheel to browse with the vehicles systems can now be extended with an optional touch screen that is going to allow to control system even easier.

2015 c class

2015 C Class – Interior

The both front and rear seats are very comfortable. All car fans are very know with problems that previous C class version had. Even though Mercedes enhanced rear passenger space with additional 2cm, the problem is not solved. There is still pretty much the same feeling when you are seating at the back.

2015 C Class Exterior Design

From a design perspective, the 2015 Mercedes C Class take a huge action and goes very far in comparison to its predecessor. If you are asking yourself how Mercedes does it, the answer is – they took hints from E and C-Class. The 2015 C Class wheelbase is enlarged for 80 millimetres. Besides that, it is 40 mm wider and 98 mm longer.

2015 mercedes c class

2015 Mercedes C Class – Side

Mercedes prepared 3 designs for 2015 Mercedes C Class potential buyers: Exclusive, Avantgarde and AMG. In certain the radiator grilles vary from a sportier design grille with a centrally mounted Mercedes 3-point star for the Avantgarde and AMG-line and traditional design grille with the Mercedes star on the bonnet for the special line. Flaps on the 2015 Mercedes C Class grille serve as active aerodynamics, closing when required for a smaller sized drag co-efficient and enhanced fuel effectiveness.

Final conclusions

The brand-new 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class takes a big action forward from its predecessor, from the brand-new looks to the infotainment and security systems alike. With that stated we can not wait for an AMG variation to reveal us the dark side of the brand-new 2015 C Class!

2015 Mercedes C Class specs, interior, exterior, engine and other details!

For more general knowledge about C Class history, you can refer to Wikipedia.

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