2015 Ford Fusion Review

This is a sleek luxurious car with high fuel efficiency and good gas mileage. 2015 Ford Fusion came in three varieties, S sedan, SE Sedan and Titanium sedan. The three categories varies in engine type horse power and MPG and prices. It also differ in shape (body styles) and color as well as the design and fuel consumption as discussed below.

2015 ford fusion

2015 Ford Fusion – Front

2015 Ford Fusion Interior

Head room front and rear have dimensions of 39.2 and 37.8 inches respectively. It has a maximum front leg room of 44.3 inches and 36.3 inches rear. 2015 Ford Fusion front and rear hip room measures 55 and 54.4 inches respectively. Front and rear shoulder rooms have dimensions of 57.8 and 56.9 inches respectively. It has five seats. The seats are ergonomically designed for comfort at standard height and positions made of leather or upholstered fabric. It also has cameras for rear view to enhance visibility. It is well aerated in the interior for both guest and driver comfort.

2015 fusion

2015 Fusion – Interior

2015 Fusion Exterior

The 2015 Ford Fusion has a length of 191.8 inches, height of 58.2 inches and a wheel chase of 112.2 inches. It has a width of 72.9 inches excluding mirrors and 83.5 inches with mirrors. The front and rear tracks have 62.7 and 62.4 inches respectively. The 2015 Fusion body is made of rust proof material and a warranty of 5 years/99999 mi. for rust. It has LED lights and the grille is chrome plated. the wheels have telescopic mounted leather guiding wheels.

2015 ford fusion

2015 Ford Fusion – Rear

2015 Ford Fusion Engine

2015 Fusion S sedan and 2015 Ford Fusion SE Sedan engine has 2.5L Duratek 16V 14 175HP while 2015 Fusion Titanium engine has 2.0L Ti-VCT eco-boost 14 240HP.

2015 Ford Fusion has a front wheel automatic drive with a transmission of 6-speed select shift automatic ranging from automatic transmission to electronic continuous variable transmission and EEC-V engine electronics. The engine generates torque ranging from 129 lb-ft at 4500 rpm to 270 lb-ft at 3000 rpm.

2015 ford fusion

2015 Ford Fusion – Side

The 2015 Ford Fusion engine has a compression ratio of 9.7:1, 10.0:1, 12.3:1 depending on the car, and the order is stated from the least to the highest. The drive ratio ranges from 3.07-2.57:1 with fuel delivery of direct injection, sequential multi-port electronic injection and direct acting mechanical bucket. It also has direct acting mechanical valve lifters.

The recommended fuel for the engine is basically unleaded regular fuel. The 2015 Fusion has either single or double exhaust with bright tip exhaust system.

Engine and cylinder block materials are made of cast aluminum.

2015 Fusion Release Date and Price

Their best price are $22,400, $23,935 and $32,600 respectively as per 19th July 19, 2014. A new 2015 Ford Fusion has a basic warranty of three years. It also has drive train warranty and free maintenance for the first 60000 minutes of usage.

Ford is going to release 2015 Fusion was released on May 2014.

Stay with us for more 2015 Ford Fusion updates as well as more automotive news.

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