2014 Dodge Challenger review

2014 Dodge Challenger is sport car with awesome engine and interior. This car still keeps SRT style or street racing technology design. 2014 Challenger sport car come with new power, less weight, aerodynamic style and improve performance. The SRT Dodge cuda sport car published with new platform and new engine. New Challenger is good sport car with standard of corporate average fuel economy, efficiency maintain and reduce emission. Dodge Challenger 2014 come with pentastar V-6 engine, 5.7 lt V-8 engines and 6.2 lt suoer charge semi engine. 2015 Dodge cuda develop strong sport car with 580-660 HP, rear wheel drive, 6-7 speeds manual transmission and more faster than last models.

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2014 Dodge Challenger

2014 Dodge Challenger Extrerior

Dodge Challenger 2014 is the excellent sport car and similar with 2015 Ford Mustang. This Didge cuda sport car has 6 inches wheel base, 8 inches length efficiency, light materials, drop weight to 250-300 pound, rear suspension, redesigned grilled, aerodynamic, perfect and comfortable sport car to drive. Dodge Challenger 2014 is smart car with new and smaller platform, 300 pound lighter than last model. This car is faster and wiling up to jump when people drive in maximum speeds.

2014 dodge challenger

Dodge Challenger 2014 Interior

2014 Dodge Challenger type of SR5 comes with 18 inches alloy wheel, running boards, fog lamp, awesome roof rack, sun roof, 3 zones auto climate control, 8 seats passengers, power driver seat, 8 speaker sound system and USB/iPod, Bluetooth connection. Dodge has 6.1 inches touch screen interface, intone mobile app, rear view camera and GPS navigation system. New Dodge Challenger 2014 type limited comes with 20 alloy wheel, leather upholstery, power lift gate, rear view camera, 14 speaker sound systems, 7 high resolution touch screen, extra space music storage and hard drive GPS navigation.

2014 dodge challenger

This car has luxury sport interior design with 5 inches monitor display interface, audio support, hand free phone, well placed cabin control, keypad dashboard, air conditioning, telescope steering wheel, cruise control, 5 inches display screen, rear view camera, Bluetooth, audio connection, sms text message, 4 speaker sound system, CD player, iPod, USB audio interface. 2014 Challenger offer 12.5 cubic feet sedan, 11.7 cubic feet cargo capacity, automatic speeds. 2014 Dodge Challenger is great sedan and fun sportier car to drive. This car is refining suspension tune, electric power steering, low rpm of torque and sharp attitude. New Challenger is the high class sport car that provide great acceleration and handling on the road.

Dodge Challenger 2014 Engine

New Challenger is available with 3.6 lt V6 direct injection pent star, 2.4 lt in line 4 force fed tiger shark and 6.2 lt super charge hemi engine. This sport car runs with 600 horsepower, better fuel consumption, 8 speed transmission and reduces emission. Challenger come with 3.6 lt pentastar, V-8 engine direct injection and 6.4 lt V- engine direct injections, 305-470 Horsepower, 268 pound feet torque and 6-8 cylinders. This car is equipped with 6 speeds automatic transmission double clutch, EPA fuel economy 18 mpgcity / 27 mg hwy. This car can run up to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

2014 dodge challenger

New Challenger Safety

2014 Dodge Challenger is sport car with antilock disc brakes, traction control, stability, front head restraint, front side air bags and side air bags, rear park sensor. Some test has shown that Challenger can run up to 60 mph in 106 feet.

New Challenger Price

2014 Challenger is available for sale in the range $ 20,000 – $ 40.000, depending on level of equipment and engine choice.

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